Breathing Easy

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2 weeks ago, flanked by my husband and father, I went to the Pulmonologist. We had an early morning appointment to get the results from my bronchoscopy.

I was braced to hear hard words from the doctor. I had prepared myself to get a sad report and then muster strength, look for the silver lining and find a way to turn it into good news.

The reason I was in that frame of mind is because that is what Crohn’s Disease, Chronic Migraines and Leukemia have forced me to do for the majority of my adult life.

Looking back over the years, I have been courageous.

Tuesday morning, I was granted a pass. The lung specialist came into our room and did what he probably enjoys doing most: he told me that all 11 biopsies revealed healthy lung tissue. Healthy.

I am writing this blog post early on a Saturday morning. Tears spilled over my cheeks as I typed the word: Healthy.

To be fair, part of the reason for the tears is because I am listening to Adele and it is a confirmed fact that Adele makes people cry.

But Come ON:

…after 15+ years of repeatedly being thrown into hospital beds, excruciating pain, Emergency Rooms, scary diagnoses, frightening procedures…

…after cheering friends’ childbirths while trying to make sense of my childless life riddled by words such as “profoundly ill, hemorrhage, too young for this, blood transfusions, stat, cancer, potential complications, no other options”…

…to hear the word: “Healthy”…

Cue Adele, dammit and let your heart explode!

Cry the kind of tears you cry when All that Was Wrong is Suddenly Right, and it may not make sense, but it Just IS.

I have been breathing easily ever since we left the office of the Pulmonologist 2 weeks ago: off all antibiotics, steroids, inhalers.

It is if as the respiratory complications that crushed me from November-January never  happened.

God still works miracles. Most often they don’t seem to match our timeline and in so many ways they don’t even seem fair in this world where too many people suffer horrifically.

However, occasionally, He pulls back the veil and allows us to witness something truly magnificent which goes without explanation. I thank Him for choosing me this time.

4 thoughts on “Breathing Easy

  1. Gregg Scott

    Jessica…we rejoice with you and your hubby and family. I think that perhaps we all pray but the doubts linger and we don’t trust as much as we should, but God has worked despite us.
    It is a new season now. Life is sure all about Seasons! Your writing and expression is so special. I reckon you should or could write a book about your walk with Crohn’s that would be a blessings to many no matter what they are walking through …. Bless your day

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for celebrating with us. And thank you for this very kind comment. You are so right about seasons! As for writing a book, I am honored by your compliments. This has been a longstanding dream of mine. Whenever I hear another person say that I have helped them through their pain, I feel like my experience was worth it. Thanks for believing in me 😊


    • Thank you so much! I love following you on Instgram and I really appreciate your prayers and support. As you know, this past year has been hard and filled with ups and downs. I am just now reading your comment and it comes at a perfect time. Thank you ❤ God bless YOU! ❤


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